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August 27, 2011


Signage for Irawan Canopy Zipline, Irawan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

"Are you ready to fly?" The question is printed on a t-shirt that I got as a souvenir at the Irawan Canopy Zipline. I got the answer to this particular question last August 20, 2011.

We were cruising early in the morning on that fateful day en route to Puerto Princesa city when we reached Barangay Irawan, and passed by this huge tarpaulin signboard put up by the Irawan Canopy Zipline staff along a prominent corner of the highway leading to the city. Curiosity got the better of us when, suddenly, we decided to go and check one of Puerto Princesa's newest attraction -- the Irawan Canopy Zipline, reputed to be Asia's longest.

The Irawan Canopy Zipline is quite new, having opened its doors to the public only last June 18, 2011, in time for the "Pista y Ang Kageban". A Cuyuno word which means, festival of the forest, the "Pista y Ang Kageban" is a huge, festive tree planting activity being held in the forests of Bgy. Irawan which is a watershed area supplying Puerto Princesa city's drinking water.  And the festival itself is a major part the Baragatan Festivities being held around the  third week of June every year (see my earlier related post on Baragatan 2011). Bgy. Irawan is about 12 kilometers from the city proper, along the southbound National Highway and can be reached by the city's public transport system. For the remainder of the trip into the area, tricycles can be hired to bring guests to the Art Cafe and to the zipline area but fees can be difficult to predict as it is highly dependent on the passengers' ability to haggle and negotiate. It can reach to about P300 to P500. The staff, who are predominantly from Bgy. Irawan, intimated to me that they take 30 minute walk from the barangay to the zipline areas everyday.

Irawan Art Cafe and Gallery, Irawan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

The bar inside the Irawan Art Cafe and Gallery

Inside the Irawan Art Cafe and Gallery, Irawan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

A wooden creation on display inside the cafe

A few hundred meters into the road our first stop was the Irawan Art Cafe and Gallery, an airy building full of artworks and wood products where guests register and maybe pick up some food before entering the Irawan Eco-Park where the ziplines are located about 1.5 kilometers into the forest.

Irawan Eco-Park, Irawan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Arriving at their business station, we were greeted by the staff that included an energetic caucasian named Jordan. I've heard his family runs the operations of the zipline. After some convincing by the staff I decided I should try the zipline.

Irawan Canopy Zipline map, Irawan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Business station of the Irawan Canopy Zipline, Irawan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

The safety harnesses used by the riders

Pulleys and carabiners

The 68-step stairway leading to the boarding stations

We went up to a 68-step stairway that led to the first boarding platform and geared up for the Juan Tamad Ride, a ride where the rider is at a sitting position. I was met at the landing by Jordan. Soon we were at the next boarding platform all geared up for the Superman Ride, a faster but shorter ride where one gets to experience flying superman-style. And for a fee of P500, it was such an exhilarating experience, one that shouldn't be missed! I just found out I was ready to fly after all. A longer, 914-meter line is still being constructed as of the moment and the opportunity to check it when it is completed would be a nice prospect.

Moments right after take-off..

During the flight..

Certificate of Completion

What about you, are you ready to fly? If not, then don't lose heart as you can always take the Carabao Cart ride that they offer for the less daring..


The Carabao Cart ride..anyone?

For reservations, contact Irawan Canopy Zipline at:
(048) 434-1132/ 434-1658

Booking office is located at:
The Lotus Garden, Asian Fine Dining and Suites
371 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City

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  1. hi Kuya Lope! Tnx for coming up with this blog site. although I grew up in Palawan & stayed long enough in Puerto Princesa, I'm still a tourist in the city, still have lots of places to visit. My officemates were asking me where to go in puerto princesa & what to see there. Now with the help of your blogs, I can share Palawan. ;-) Keep it up! god bless!