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June 29, 2011


           Baragatan sa Palawan 2011 streamer along Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

BARAGATAN is a Cuyono word derived from the word "bagat" which means "to meet". It can be loosely translated to mean a "convergence" and is therefore the most appropriate word to describe a festival in Palawan held every 23rd day of June to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of the first civil government in the province in 1902. It is during this time that delegates from the province's 23 municipalities literally converge in the city to compete in the Booth, Float and Street Dancing Competitions and just enjoy the company of old friends. The Baragatan festival has come a long way since it was first celebrated in the year 2000 and has now become a major tourist attraction Puerto Princesa City. This year's edition was just as grand.

                                    The booth of the Municipality of Brooke's Point, Palawan.

                                  The booth of the municipality of Cuyo, Palawan

   The fiesta-like atmosphere around the Provincial Capitol Complex in Puerto Princesa City. Palawan.

The Baragatan sa Palawan 2011 softly opened last June 1 with a trade fair, a garden show and an open dining area called "Caraenan sa Baragatan", all scattered around the Provincial Capitol Complex along Rizal Avenue. Earlier, the different municipalities in the province erected their respective booths to showcase their products ranging from foodstuffs, fruits, handicrafts and to highlight their localities as tourist destinations. The private sector joined in with stalls filled with consumer goods, apparel and food supplements resulting into a fiesta- like atmosphere that stretched well into the night.

                                          The Philippine National Flag and the honor guards.

                Majorettes and the Drum and Lyre Corp of one of the schools in Puerto Princesa City.

On June 13, the provincial government formally opened the Baragatan sa Palawan 2011 Celebrations with a grand civic parade early in the afternoon that passed along Rizal Avenue on the way to the Provincial Capitol grounds. It was participated by selected troops coming from the different branches of service of the AFP, some in their full battle gear. Students from various schools around the city also came with their respective Drum and Lyre Corps. Local executives and their staff headed the delegations coming from the different municipalities in the province, showcasing their floats designed to depict their respective municipalities. Provincial leaders also joined the parade. The over-all mood was festive; not even a slight drizzle failed to intimidate the people from coming out to admire the floats brought by the municipal delegations as they passed by them. The entry from Brooke's Point, a bustling town 192 kilometers south of Puerto Princesa, won the float competition with its realistic interpretation of a huge, open   coconut fruit on top of the float and coconut shells intricately placed at the sides. Brooke's Point is a major producer of copra in Palawan.

                Giant "Lapu-lapu", the float entry of the municipality of Agutaya in Northern Palawan.

                    Giant coconut, the winning entry of the municipality of Brooke's Point, Palawan

On June 22, a Beauty Pageant was held to search for the Mutya ng Palawan 2011. Sarah Sopio Osorio, a  young lady from the municipality of Kalayaan on the western side of Palawan, won the title.

         Sarah Sopio Osorio of the municipality of Kalayaan,the newly-crowned Mutya ng Palawan 2011

On the next day, June 23, another parade was held, this time, participated by contestants of  the Street Dancing Competitions. The dancers came in their most colorful costumes and their fanciest moves to the delight of the people who waited for hours along Rizal Avenue to catch a glimpse of them. The delegation coming from Magsaysay won the contest, bagging a hefty P 300,000.00 prize.

                                       The street dancers from Roxas, Palawan.

                                         The street dancers from Sofronio Espanola, Palawan

A male dancer from Sofronio Espanola, Palawan enjoying the moment.

                               The street dancers from Brooke's Point, Palawan won the 3rd Prize.

                     A male street dancer from Brooke's Point, Palawan doing a fancy move.

                                   The street dancers from Rizal, Palawan won the 2nd Prize

                    A female street dancer from Rizal, Palawan concentrates on her moves.

                              The street dancers from Magsaysay, Palawan won the Grand Prize.

                             The dancers from Magasaysay, Palawan showing  their winning form.

                                     A female dancer from Magsaysay, Palawan.

                                        Male dancers from Magsaysay, Palawan

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